Ztarx Waterproof Solar/USB Charging Hard Cooler with Bluetooth Speaker&Power Bank& Multifunctional LED Light

1.Origianl design, private tooling, patents in China&USA.
2. Wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker, enjoy music freely.
3. Solar Panel/USB: recharge for the battery.
4. 2000mah power bank, charging for cellphone in emergency.
5. Mulfifunctional LED light, lighting and atmosphere (seven color light).
6. Red SOS, necessary for emergency rescue.

Hard Cooler with waterproof Solar& USB powered wireless speaker and light  

* 35L: 37QT/35 Liter; PE+PU, ice holding up 5~7 days.                                   
* 2 self draining cup holders, drain & tethered threaded Plug                                                                                                               
* Bluetooth Version:4.0
* Speaker Power:3Ω/ 3W
* Connecting Range:10 meters/ 33 feet
* Bluetooth Speaker: To play, pair with Bluetooth Device “eflatables” with mobile phone
* Solar Panel:5V/ 100mA
* Battery (Built-in):3.7V/ 2000mAh
* Solar Charging Time:20-24 H
* USB Charging Time:3H
* Power Bank: Can charge mobile phone approximate 30%~40%
* RGBW LED:4pcs/0.3W
* Solar or USB Charging in progress=Red light
  Bluetooth in Operation=Blue light
  Full Charge=Light off
* Lighting Mode: Music Mode(Light colors changing as per Music playing); Breathing Mode(Light colors changing slowing); Flash Mode; Bright Mode; RED LED SOS
* Lighting Time: ;Flash Mode: 8H;High bright Mode:6H/90LM; Low bright Mode:18-20H; Speaker Working Time:9-12H; SOS:13~14H
* Waterproof Rating (IP66)