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Model No.: Tube-B2.0-86

Ztarx USB Charging Built-in Battery Inflatable LED Tube Camping Light
PCT Patent: PCT/CN2022/136916
US multiple others pending and granted patent
* Tube Size: 86*12cm
* Weight: 220g
* Material: TPU
* Battery : 2000MAH/4000MAH
* Lightweight and flexible design offers a variety of lighting options
* Warm light and white light stepless dimming conversion
* LED light up to 250 lumen
* Input voltage: 5V/2A
* USB charging time: 2~3h
* Maximum brightness: 250 LM
* Working time: 4H-40h
* Working mode: sleep 40H, low light 8H, strong light 4h
* 2PCS Magnetic attachment points
* Waterproof IP66


Ztarx USB Charging Built-in Battery Inflatable LED Tube Camping Light

1. High environmental protection TPU material, safe to use by pregnant women and children;

2. Warm light and white light stepless dimming mode, after closing and re-opening, there is a memory lighting function to meet your different lighting needs;

3. Available in 86cm lengths, LED lights up to 250 lumens;

4. Two lighting modes are available:

a. Filled with gas: The lamp tube illuminates a large area, with its own closed loop, which can be hooked; it has two strong magnetic attraction, which can be attached to iron products;
b. After deflation: roll it up and put it in the storage bag, it can be used for lantern lighting.

4. Built-in large capacity battery: 3.7V/ 4000mAh;

5. USB input power charging method, no need to carry the power supply for charging outdoors;

6. Waterproof function: waterproof grade (IPX6)

Can be rained, can float on water, fully meet the waterproof needs of outdoor life

7. Inflatable, foldable, portable, absorbent, portable enough
Meet various outdoor living needs such as camping, hiking, fishing, self-driving tours, beaches, parties, tents, etc.